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Hi friends, so last week a I received lovely happy mail from a beautiful lady from the War Binder facebook group. She was kind enough to send me a beautiful Recollectons planner with notebook style inserts for prayers and journaling as well as tons of goodies inside to get me started.

While I was setting up my war binder and getting started I realised that I don't really know much about the scriptures I'm praying and that honestly bummed me out. It is so easy to read scripture and then pray but in reality I don't know much about the context, the background and the people on which those words where spoken. I got the feeling I wans't fully taking advantage of the bible and all that it can teach me and you know what? I want to get to know God and I want and NEED to know His word.

I've seen a lot of verse mapping going on around the internet and even though I feel like it is a fantastic idea, I can't break down every single sentence in the bible. I don't have enough time, or space in my planner to do that so I had to come up with another idea of how I could go about studying the bible. I started by writing down everything that I'd love to learn about: places, people, similarities and diferences, references and sketch out basic layouts of how I would go about doing this.

At the end this is what I came up with. I still kept the pages for my prayers the same. I've covered prayers for my family, myself, my children, my husband and my church (which at this point I don't know where that is, I haven't found a good church since I moved abroad so I'm praying for THE church of God) and included a list of scriptures that I can pray over. This aren't obligatory but are good pointers for where I can start and what I can say. I put in a couple of blank pages between them for journaling a la Illustrated Faith with markers and paint and ink and all those scrapbooking supplies I've hoarded (Honestly, I wish I had the guts to paint over my bible like that but I'm a scaredy cat).

The next section is just where I truly study. I print the inserts as I go so they flow together according to what I'm studying. I jot down a lot of ideas in a Recollections journal while I read so I know what I'm doing and what I need to print out but that doesn't always happen. Sometimes I go directly to the inserts, specially if I'm doing Verse Breakdown or writing down Studies and Reflections because I don't need to write that down twice and I'd rather just have it in my planner. Other type of inserts I have are A general Study Of... -For when I want to focus on a specific subject- , Compare and Contrast, What the Bibles Says About..., S.O.A.P. study and Character Analysis.

Next I keep my Sermon Notes inserts which is very self explanatory. I always try to keep 4 or 5 at a time in there because I tend to write down a lot while in church so I can reflect on the sermon the rest of the week. I make it a point to read it every morning and mark around what I want to research, vocabulary to look up and scripture that I want to pray over.

Lastly I just keep both Recollections notebook style inserts. I keep the Journal and Spiritual ones in there at all times in case I want to write down something else. It is a tight fight but the planner actually closes! Yay!

Now for the fun part...

 I asked about a month ago what size planner people used for their war binder and got mixed responses. I know a lot of people use the Recollections planners and I found out that their inserts are not the same size as personal sized inserts even though the planner is the same. In fact, their inserts are a bit wider! Well, coming from someone who's always always used A5 sized planners I appreciate the extra space so I went with the Recollections inserts size.

But fret not!

I also heard back from a lot of people who uses personal size, A5 and 8.5"x11" and definitely kept that in mind until today when I asked if someone would want to use these inserts as well. I got en overwhelming response (seriously, thank you so much!) and I didn't want to leave anyone behind so I spent my afternoon adjusting them to personal and A5. I'm working on 8.5x11" pinky promise! I'll have them ready soon soon soon!

These inserts are made to be printed AFTER the paper has been cut. It super simple: You just cut your paper to size and in the printer settings make sure to have it scaled to 100% before you hit print.  Odd numbered pages are meant to go on the right size of your planner and even numbers on the left side. I always print odd pages first and then even so it's super easy but you can do it whoever you want. ;)

*Little disclaimer* I am a designer and do this for a living. I sell my work but feel like I can't charge for something that might help someone get closer to God and learn more about His word. For this reason I ask of you to please not share my files with others, but rather send them over here so we can say hi and they can download the files by themselves :)

If you feel inclined to, please take a look around my new ETSY SHOP but that it not required for you to download the files.

Just look for the right sized inserts for your planner and don't forget to tag #playhappyplay and @playhappyplay if you happen to share on Instagram! I'd love to see how you use them!


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