On Documenting Our Lives: Project Life

4:02 PM

We've been living here in Mexico City for almost 6 months now and I have to say it's been pretty great. We didn't have that awkward transition phase where your house doesn't quite feel like home yet but instead, felt settled right in from the get go. We've seen amazing things, learned a lot about history and eaten ALL the good food (which if you know me, you know it's top priority, people!).

I've been so eager to snap a photo -or a million- every time we leave the house because there's always something fun and new to see but I wasn't quite sure what would happen to all those photos. I honestly didn't have a plan so they stayed in my phone and since I have more than 8,000 photos -you heard right eight thousand photos live in my phone- it felt a little tedious to have to scroll back everytime I was looking for something.  I ached for something a little less digital and a paper-based way to keep my memories all together. Because honestly, paper is life.

So in came Project Life. Now, I've known about project life for quite a while now but I just didn't get it. I didn't think that my life had such important memories that needed documenting in such an oficial way. Boy that changed one we moved abroad. I want to document it all, for me to remember what we saw, how we felt and what we learned and for my kid to re live all of our adventures once she gets a little older.

I thought I might give Project Life a try, but still, I was not really ready to commit to those huge 12x12 albums so I went with a smaller but still handy 6x8 one. Of course if you know me, it had to be either black, grey or gold. But since the second I laid eyes on this gold album I was sold. I have never seen an album so pretty! I also got the oportunity to scout out my favorite page inserts with the help and permission of the store owner of course, I went to town opening packages and looking for something that really would work for me. I ultimately decided on Echo Park page protectors both in the full 6x8 and 3x4. I may or may not have another assorted package coming in the mail soon too! ;)

I got a couple of Heidi Swapp accessories as well because I ordered a Memory Planner which I'm hoping to start in May and a roll of washi tape because girl's gotta restart her washi collection somewhere right?

Now for the best part, I bought the digital files from the Everyday edition journaling cards and I've been having a blast editing them, resizing them, color correcting them and finally printing them to use along with my photos. Once I'm caught up with the last 6 months worth of photos I'll share some pictures about how it turned out.

Do you do Project Life?

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